Advantages And Benefits Of Outdoor Activities In The UK

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In the first day when we arrived we were divided into groups of people we barely knew each other. Firstly, we had indoor activity in which we had to think about Condover Hall advantages and disadvantages, what should they do to make it more popular in the UK. When we started doing this presentation, our group managed to work it out easily and we did it fast. While we were working with this task I observed what people are more likely to be. Some of them were quiet and shy, others were way opposite – communicative and active. However, even though some of our group mates were too shy to speak while doing presentation we did manage to reveal our task correctly and everyone spoke in front of other students and teachers without audience fear. Afterwards,…show more content…
Second day was more beneficial for us. We started with outdoor activities. Firstly, we had orienteering challenge which was easy to handle. We only had 20 minute to find all targets and we did it well, every of us felt that we started to work as a team. That was not all, the second challenge was to build a pyramid out of big wooden sticks and we managed to do it in 5 minutes so the improvement of our relationships was easy to see. The last outdoor activity challenge was the best for all of us, because you could observe all the improvements we made. One of our group member was appointed to be leader and all others was blind-folded. All of blind-folded group members had to hold rope and stand in the circle and inside the circle there was a ball which you could not let to fall down. Group leader was walking us throw obstacles and it was really easy to do, because it felt like we are working as a team. But that was not over yet, we had last seminar in the indoor activity about Condover Hall survey, what was the advantages and disadvantages for Coventry Univeristy students. This tasks was the goal we were able to

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