Stakeholder Impact Analysis

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Stakeholder Impact Analysis Stakeholders are the owners or the shareholders of a business who are the main source and groups that showed interest to the business to perform activities. Stakeholder Impact Analysis is mainly a regular practice for starting an analysis of impact with the stakeholders and also assess the changes of the impact that happens with the stakeholder to know the analysis. It is a powerful stakeholder analysis that must start with the analysis of the impact of the process of a business and finally, it has to be sure that the entire have identified and a good arrangement for the stakeholders. The major stakeholders of Ready-Made Garments (RMG) Sector of Bangladesh are • Workers: Workers are working each day in the industries…show more content…
These rights also include ideal treatment, regardless of gender, inception and appearance, religion, sexual orientation. So the worker’s rights to enhance working environment conditions, wellbeing and security issues, reasonable work practices and combat child labor, which meet established standards. Therefore, trade unions can help owners to take care of issues of their labors, make them aware of their rights and duties, and make a superior workplace inside the industry. Trade unions can bargain for workers' rights and advantages with the administration. And if the administration does not care their demand, the trade unions can stand up and draw attention from society, government and stakeholders. Therefore, trade unions can be an effective tool in the RMG sector of Bangladesh by which the workers can raise their voice against the arbitrary decisions of the factory owners and protect the rights of the workers. It is a place where negotiations are takes place with the owners for solving the works regarding issue to fulfill the…show more content…
It is indeed the sacred duty of the government to secure the most GDP gaining sector of the nation at any cost. After Tazreen Fire incident tragic and Rana Plaza tragic, the Government has taken so many steps for enhance suitable working environment, consistence of work and made some duties regarding international group which incorporates selection of a National Tripartite Plan of Action by the constituents and implementation of the Sustainability Compact, administration and practical actions. As the US Action Plan has concentrating on legislation and policy

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