What Is Multiculturalism In Canada

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“Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation, its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world,”(Cậmara) Ever since it was born, multiculturalism has become a debatable topic to many Canadians. Multiculturalism in Canada may be a bit unorganized and difficult, but because of it, Canada is becoming wiser, more confident and more prosperous, proving and providing supportive arguments that show that multiculturalism is working in Canada. Canadian economy is becoming more prosperous due to skilled immigrants, a key source for Canadian companies in the new global economy. Schools in Canada have created a multicultural curriculum, which…show more content…
Ethnic stores would help attract new residents and tourists and make immigrants feel more comfortable living in Canada. “When they come to Canada, these ethnic shoppers [immigrants] bring with them the traditions and cultures of their homelands. That’s why instead of shopping at conventional grocery stores, they [immigrants] seek out local stores operated by their own ethnic groups. These stores sell their familiar brands and unusual items not carried by regular Canadian grocery stores.”(Condon) Condon implies that by having ethnic stores in Canada, immigrants feel more welcomed and homely because stores they would usually choose to go to stores ran by people of their ethnic group and have products imported from their homeland. This proves that immigrants feel comfortable living in Canada leading to the fact that multiculturalism is working in Canada. People respect each other in diverse communities even though they may not be the same race. Barriers surrounding various ethnic backgrounds would begin to fade away and disappear once immigrants feel accepted as citizens of Canada and not as strangers. Diverse communities would have a greater opportunity to work together with immigrants and learn more about everyone’s cultures. “In major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, roughly half the population consists of visible minorities, yet the type of social segregation and alienation prevalent in Europe is nonetheless conspicuously absent.”(Hussain) Hussain proves that cities like Vancouver and Toronto accept and respect immigrants, showing only minor mistakes whereas Europe, immigrants may be treated a little differently. This factor proves that multiculturalism is working in

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