John Dalton's Atomic Theory

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John Dalton was born September 6, 1766. John Dalton had attended a Quaker school in cumberland that he taught at, at the age of 12. John Dalton was a scientist who has made so many theories that had to do with color blindness, etc . John also loved to do experiments that dealt with gases, which lead him into big discovery. He had made many theories but his most popular one was his atomic theory. This theory was his most notable experiment because it stated that each chemical element has atoms that vary in shape and size. It also showed that a chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms. John was also elected as one in only 8 to be elected to be in the French Academies of sciences. This lead him to many discoveries. Daltons atomic theory…show more content…
JJ was a scientist that did many experiments. JJ had attended school at Owens College, in Manchester. He then moved on to University of Cambridge In fact there were many other scientist, that were trying to find the structure of an atom but never did, but JJ did. Thomas discovered many things, the main thing he was known for in his discoveries was electrons. Thomas’s most important experiment was called the “ the plum pudding model”. This proved that todays atoms have a very dense and very small positively charged nucleus. This also explained that atoms were…show more content…
Ernest attended a government school at the age of 16. He also got entered to Nelson Collegiate school. Ernest had made many scholarships in mathematics, he also became a scientist in his early years. Ernest’s first researches was with the magnetic properties of matter of iron. His researches also had to do with the alpha particles. Sadly Ernest Rutherford died on October 19, 1973. Ernest was one of the first to make a high quality experiment. One of Ernest’s experiments was called the “ gold foil experiment”. In this experiment Ernest discovers the basic concept of nucleus in a atom. By the time JJ Thompson had discovered that electrons are in an atom and are negatively charged. Ernest’s experiment was important because it showed the deflection of the alpha particles into a photographic form. Ernest’s atomic theory was also considered the gold foil experiment. This was pretty important because it also had shown that alpha particles are also made of helium. How he did this was he took bombardment on positive alpha particles. As you probably already know he made really high quality experiments. Niels Bohr was born October 7, 1885. Bohr went to Copenhagen University in 1911. Niels was also really interested in physics during his childhood. He also studied under Ernest Rutherford in Manchester, england. Niels had also won many nobel prizes for his ideas in

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