Swot Analysis Of Information System

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INTRODUCTION Information System or application landscape it is combination from information technology and activity from people which used the technology to back operation and management or study on network mutually complementary hard device and software from people and organisation use to raise, refine, process, make, and distribute data. In meaning that is very large, information system term that often used refer to interaction between people, algorithmic process, data and technology. In this insight, this term used to consult not just in information technology and communications (ICT)organisation usage, but also for way where people interacts with this technology in supporting business process. Usage of the information system is very widespread…show more content…
Office Information System usage more suitable in use because it is system information which uses hardware, software and network. Every assignment that in give merely using computer. By using OIS also assignment tabulation will be easier in doing. Because employee only required to register and they will get to see task they online. This company also use Management reporting System it is because all of the task that they have done they should write it in detail and produce a detail report to make the company easy to read and know about the company run…show more content…
Have a good facilities II. Good management III. Good organization This company manpower shortage and also labour shortage that is skilled. In a couple of years forward this company able to create a laboratory that sophisticated road and with the existence of the laboratory they will be easier study use own laboratory. This company will face underemployment threat. Because have many other companies that near this company that offer salary that more high PORT OF TANJUNG PELEPAS I. The facilities of software and hardware in this port are advanced. II. Higher port productivity. III. Higher frequency of callings In terms of monetary cost comparisons, PTP has higher operation charges than neighbouring lower cost ports. In the next few years, the strong growth rate of Southeast Asia countries’ Containerized exports will be still the main engine of growth for Port Of Tanjung Pelepas transhipment traffic. PTP company will face threat from neighbouring country namely Singapore because they own big port and own opportunity to drop PTP company. MMHE I. Shipping invests in researching and developing new technology II. Expert

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