Advantages Of Optical Communication

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CHAPTER ONE General Introduction 1.1 Optical Communication Optical communications make use of lightwaves, very high frequency electromagnetic waves, for information transmission. Modern optical communications were begun in the 1960s, when lasers were invented as a coherent light source [1]. Optical communications has provided unprecedented capacity in modern networks. The rapid growth of the Internet has led to investment in wide band fiber optic networks that now span the planet. The optical communications revolution has also led to the development of new and enabling technologies that can be applied outside of conventional telecom applications. Optical communication systems are evolving to accommodate the larger information content that…show more content…
In the past this was accomplished primarily by using copper wires as a conduit for communication. In the present day, however, fibers are now much more often installed than copper wire. This is a result of many significant advantages of fiber-optic communications over its copper counterpart. Some main advantages include lower transmission loss and greater information capacity [4]. Due to its high bandwidth and low loss, it has replaced the copper cables in the long-haul data transmission. A commonly used figure of merit for communication systems is the bit rate–distance product, where is the bit rate and is the repeater spacing. Fig.(1.1a) shows how the product has increased through technological advances during the period 1850–2000…show more content…
It allows fiber capacity to be expanded in the frequency domain from one channel to more than 100 channels. The troublesome delay between frequencies which is introduced by the fiber dispersion can also be overcome by division of the fiber transmission region into mutually incoherent wavelength channels. It is important for these channels to be uncorrelated in order to eliminate any worry about dispersion induced delay between channels. Fig.(1.3) shows a schematic picture of a WDM system. The concept is quite simple, but reliable implementation can be a considerable challenge

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