Advantages And Disadvantages Of CPEC

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A few numbers of Pakistanis consider CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) will prove as East India Company for Pakistan. Moreover, the others have a few reservations as the poor strategies and interest rate of the lease for CPEC are not in the favour of national interests. Here, we will scrutinize multi-facet aspects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Firstly, I will suggest that you visit the website of CPEC. After that, you will realize that CPEC is the part of OBOR (One belt one road). 64 countries will be connected by OBOR –A dream of China- with each other. Reality is that OBOR consists of 6 corridors and CPEC is one of its Corridors. Length of CPEC is almost 2400Km. This 2400Km long CPEC has various other projects namely highways, Railways, and Energy Projects. These CPEC projects will bring prosperity in Pakistan. CPEC -A multi-billion project- will be a game changer for the South Asia region. Kashgar will be joined by CPEC with Gwadar by 2030. Firstly, we will discuss all the viable routes of CPEC. Route of CPEC: Politicians have been politicizing the rout of CPEC since the inception of the project. However, three suggested routes are given below; i) Central Route: • Length of this rout is 2,756Km • It passes through Indus Highway. • It will touch different cities of Punjab province. ii)…show more content…
This claim of India is beyond the comprehension because how can a country utilize disputed territory for marchandising purposes? It is against the International law. Meanwhile, India is dealing with Iran to erect Chabahar port and she is bidding to compete for CPEC. CPEC is a multi-billion project while Chabahar is a relatively low-cost project. Another allegation from India is that China is posing a threat by erecting her potential in the Arabian Sea, Bangladesh, and in Sri Lanka. If we encapsulate India’s concerns over CPEC are the

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