Advantages Of Fiber Optic Communication

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Fiber-optic communication has transformed telecommunications. Data is now transferred at very fast speeds around the world. Fiber-optic communication transmits electronic signals in the form of light from one place to another through an optical fiber. A fiber optic transmission system consists of 4 major components: transmitter, fiber optic cable, repeater, and receiver. All four basic components work together to transfer data in the system. The transmitter receives input data in the form of electrical signals and the transmitter converts that into light signals. Usually, a stream of light indicates “1” and absence of light indicates “0”. A simple and commonly used transmitter is LED. LED’s main advantage is that they are inexpensive. However,…show more content…
Copper is predominantly used in residents as it is inexpensive relative to fiber optic and also accomplishes the goal. But, for many businesses, corporations and organizations, copper wires don’t accomplish the task as it is too slow and cannot handle the bandwidth. Thus, businesses then turn to fiber optics. Fiber optics can carry data at 69% of the speed of light resulting in a much greater bandwidth. Fiber optic cable can carry information over much longer ranges and is not a fire hazard. All these advantages make fiber optic communication a feasible option for large organizations, but due to the high costs, it is not a very practical option residential purposes. The most important application of fiber optic communication is the submarine communications cable. These cables are laid on the seabed between land-based stations across continents. These cables are the backbone of this “Information Age” and without these cables, it would be impossible to have access to internet and call across continents. In conclusion, fiber optic communication plays a very important part in our everyday lives. All the things that we take for granted, such as playing video games or calling family in Europe wouldn’t be possible without fiber

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