Compare And Contrast Diesel Vs Gasoline Engine

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Diesel Versus Gasoline Engine Diesel engines outperform and produce less emission rates on Earth than gasoline engines. On the other hand, gasoline engines cost less to run daily. With the EPA enforces more harsh laws for diesel emission standard , the emission rate for diesels have decreased over the years. Also with different equipment being installed to diesels, the power has increased too. Additionally with other effect being considered and diesel engines well outperform gasoline engines. How much have the EPA standards lower the emission rates? Ever since the EPA has enforced standards for diesel engines, the emission rates have progressively dropped key pollutants by 75 percent (“Air Pollution” 1). Also, to meet EPA standards in 2007, the EPA was requiring refiners to produce 80 percent of diesel fuel to be low-sulfur grade (“Air Pollution” 2). As of June 1, 2006, the EPA requires refiners for diesel fuel to begin producing fuel with no more sulfur content than 15 parts per million, which is a 97 percent reduction (“All Pollution 14”). Since 1984, EPA has been enforcing stricter diesel emission standards, which decreased the acceptable level of nitrogen oxide emission for diesel engines from 10.7 gram per unit of work in 1988 to 2.5 grams in 2004 (“Air Pollution 10”). Furthermore to help reduce diesel emission, “The Clean Air Act” bans manufacturers from selling or…show more content…
However gasoline engine will get better gas mileage than diesel engine when running the engines daily. With different factor being factor in diesel engines well outperform gasoline engines. Also with EPA making and enforcing new standards for diesel engines the emission rates have decreased over the year. “Times have changed. Emission standards for diesel-powered vehicles have become very strict and complying with these rules is definitely no easy task for manufacturers” (Atwell

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