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Working On The Frontlines Of The Eye Care Profession - Optical Assistant Certification Do you enjoy interacting with people and would love to assist them with their eye care needs? Are you able to thrive in a team environment and are passionate about providing great customer service? If so, working as an optical assistant will enable you to do all of this and more. It is a career path that places you on the frontlines of the eye care profession where you not only help to make patients feel welcome and ease, but also assist them with making the right choices for their prescriptions. If you would like to help people banish their eyesight woes and improve their quality of life then studying to become an optical assistant is the right choice.…show more content…
Although it is not a requirement to work as an optical assistant, there are courses available for this profession that can be completed in an online format. The only requirements are usually a computer with internet access as well as a browser and e-mail access. Completing an online course is useful if you would like to learn more about the industry and expand your knowledge without having to commit to a full time course. An online course is generally also much more convenient to fit into a busy schedule. What Are The Typical Duties of Optical Assistants? The type of duties you might have when working as an optical assistant usually depends on your employer as well as the level of certification you hold. In most cases, your core duties include greeting patients when they arrive, overseeing their medical files, assisting them with the process of choosing eye wear as well as handling their payments. You will typically also be responsible for a lot of administrative duties, such as keeping in contact with patients about their orders or ensuring that stock levels of merchandise and supplies are sufficient. In addition, you could be required to answer the phones and perform other clerical duties. In some smaller practices you might even be tasked with administering basic eye tests or provide the optometrist with assistance during exams, but these tend to be exceptions rather than the…show more content…
For this reason it is also essential that your customer service skills are above average. and that are friendly as well as courteous. Equally important is your ability to function well as part of a team as your duties might involve working closely with lab opticians, ophthalmologists or optometrists. It can be helpful to have good stamina as this is a career path where you can spend large parts of the day on your feet. In addition, basic computer skills can be useful in this job for the clerical side of

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