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IV. Advantages of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi Technology [9] Wi-Fi Li-Fi A. TRANSMISSION SECURITY: From the security point of view, Wi-Fi is less secure as radio waves can penetrate through walls. They can be traced. If someone has knowledge about this and has bad intentions, they can misuse it. This create a major security issue. Li-Fi is based on data transmission through visible lights. Li-Fi is secure as light rays cannot penetrate through walls. They cannot be misused and traced by other People, who is intentionally trying to misuse it. B. NETWORK CAPACITY: Wireless data which is transmitted through radio waves are mostly limited and expensive. It has to face with the problem of or limited amount of bandwidth. The bandwidth capacity of Light…show more content…
It contains many radio base stations which consume more heat also. It is also less efficient. It is not costly as Wi-Fi is as sources of lights are needs to be available everywhere. The LED lights sources consume less energy. It is much more efficient source than Wi-Fi. V. Advantages and Dis-advantages of Li-Fi A. Advantages of Li-Fi The Light – Fidelity (Li-Fi) technology is very much more beneficial as this technology emerges as a result of vast amount of license-free and secure electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum consist of the infrared and visible light regions [10] which work much fast, easy and in effective manner. The key advantages are highlighted as follows: • Li-Fi enhanced wireless infrastructures by providing an additional layer of small cells called as ‘attocells’. • Li-Fi does not make use of the radio frequency spectrum which increases the capacity up to 10,000. • This technology enables very high peak data rates of about (10 Gbps). • This enables the Internet-of-Things (IoT) 100 times more devices. • This makes significant enhancement in the security of wireless communication and reduced interception of signals that is often happened in case of…show more content…
B. Some Limitations of Li-Fi Despite of many advantages of Li-Fi, like any other technology it also has some limitations and disadvantages [11], as enumerated below: • As the light is unable to pass through any object, and if in case the source is blocked by any kind of disturbances then the signal are stopped and receiver unable to get any data source. It’s the main dis-advantage of the light waves as compared to the radio waves. • The Reliability and network coverage are found to be the major issues by the companies in case of VLC services. Some kind of interference from external light sources like sunlight, normal bulbs and opaque materials can also become the source of disturbance in both the source of light and data transmssion. • The cost of installation of the systems can be complemented by large-scale implementation of VLC though adopting this technology and it will reduce further operating costs like electricity charges, maintenance charges, etc. • We still need Wi-Fi as our Li-Fi is unable to bear with the disturbances. Our light bulb does not provides data to a high-speed moving object or not provide data in a remote area where there are trees, walls and obstacles and

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