Address Hotel Case Study

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The Address Hotel is a luxurious Hotel that is in the midst of the Burj Khalifa Development Area in Dubai. The five-star hotel attracts customers and tourists who want to enjoy the luxuries of Dubai and be enriched with its astounding location. The hospitality industry in Dubai is highly competitive, as Dubai has become the center of tourism across the world and thus, accommodation services are the most common services offered in this sector. Competitors focus on offering the best experiences to their customers with the services that they withhold which includes entertainment, dining and hospitality services. The main focus of this project is the accommodation services offered by The Address Hotel Dubai. Our contact from the hotel was Cynthya…show more content…
The suppliers provide food and non-food products such as custom made furniture, dining facilities, decorations and lighting fixtures. The Address Hotel states that 70 percent of the purchase decisions were made after negotiations for a reduction in price. Other forms of negotiations focused on the packaging and delivery of the products purchased. The Address was able to negotiate with Supplier A (in charge of delivering day to day supplies such as foods and beverages) for a reduction in price, but not so with Supplier B (usually called up for maintenance), as they did not provide them with opportunities to negotiate for a price reduction. They only allowed them to negotiate for delivery time, quality of goods and payment…show more content…
The amount usually differs between periods, as the hotel orders more during its busier periods (usually between June and August and December through February), and reduces the orders in the less intense months. This would mean that the cost would usually be reflected on the amount of unit ordered, which The Address pays for to be delivered. This is also the case for the supplier B, as they are usually called upon when there’s a problem to fix, and the cost of transportation is included in the total billing at the time they’re called. They’re also expected to come every 2 months to run a general checkup on the hotels main

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