Cliff Bay Hotel Case Study

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Over the years, organizations have recognized the importance of sustainability and, not surprisingly, an increasing number of companies are engaging in some form of activity in that regard. So while, overall, there has been a greater recognition of the need to be ‘sustainable’, the difficulty often lies in achieving a consensus as to ‘what’ sustainability actually means, ‘who’ is responsible for it, ‘how’ it can be achieved and ‘when’ can they begin to see a tangible return on their efforts. These questions have led to various sustainability actions in organizations – ranging from ‘bolt-on’ activities that are un-coordinated, to transformational, integrated strategies that mean to redefine an organization’s corporate identity. The fictional case study, The Cliff Bay Hotel - Looking Beyond Tomorrow, explores this conundrum from Nick Rommel's (General Manager, Cliff Bay Hotels, Newquay Bay) perspective. Through the discussions that transpire between the newly appointed Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Raj Lamba, and the hotel employees of Cliff Bay, the case brings…show more content…
Gayatri Phadke at Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC). The case is fictitious account and does not represent any real company or people. The use of this case study is recommended for classroom discussions and does not illustrate either correct or incorrect handling of an administrative situation. TMTC gratefully acknowledges the support of Sukanya Patwardhan, Milind Pandit and Radha Ganesh for their valuable inputs. In case of queries about the case, please write to Ritu Waila at or Gayatri Phadke at No part of this case can be used, reproduced or distributed in any manner without the approval of TMTC. To order copies of the case study, please write to Radha Ganesh at or Tata Management Training Centre, 1 Mangaldas Road, Pune 411001. A Jewel in Newquay Bay’s Crown – The Cliff Bay Newquay

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