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Corporate culture is the enveloping values, beliefs and attitudes that characterize a company and guides its practices. Most of the time the company’s internal culture is articulated by the mission statement or value statement. A healthy corporate culture values each employee in the organization regardless of the job duties resulting in hard working employees that aim to meet the company’s needs but not only that but also it will give the company great reputation , higher productivity , employee loyalty and the greatest quality. There are 4 major types of corporate culture: Traditional, Highly skilled, Innovative and Social. A traditional corporate culture relies on clearly defined roles and relationships between workers. Usually, a traditional corporate culture has a clear chain of command. Orders are given from the top and then implemented without much room for disagreement. A traditional corporate culture may seem unwelcomed but it is the most effective. As for the highly skilled corporate culture, it focuses on recruiting the top talent. Companies with the…show more content…
In this particular hotel, the organization is described as a department where each organization has different departments that take share of the total organizational task, as well as responsibilities, each individual is responsible of executing their allocated share of work needed. Every organization has a duty, which is the breaking down of job description of each individual through vision, where the top management can see the organization in concept of image, size, future plans and positioning. Also the mission, which could be for the whole team to achieve & accomplish the preset vision of the organization. All of these descriptions are a part of the main organization that happens to achieve the organizations goals and tasks. Managers in the hotel involve their employees in their decision making process and any new ideas are

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