Written Assignment 5: Case Study Of Brunt Hotel In France

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Written Assignment 5 Case study Brunt hotels have a successful chains of hotels in the UK that have just bought order hotel in France. In other to make this new international hotel a success they are now considering hiring expatriates of train local managers for the new hotel in France. Based on the information at the end of part 1 the key priority should be rebranding the new hotels and selling the others to be able to raise money for the renovation and other expenses in order to open the new hotels for business on time. Since most of the local managers in the UK cannot speak and understand French management decide to hire expatriates to look in to the affair toward the opening the new hotels. Brunt hotels is hiring Brunt hotels is a rapidly…show more content…
• Responsible for preparation of property budget and forecasts. • Manages labour standards and property level expenses to achieve maximum flow to the bottom line profit. • Promotes 100% guest satisfaction thought out the property. • Ensure that all guest related issues are resolved in a manner consistent with the company goal and objective. • Communicates all policies and procedures to entire staff. Conducts regular meetings to provide various information including company communications, policy reviews, local property activities, goals, etc • Inspects and documents repairs and cleanliness of property with AGM to ensure optimum upkeep and repair, room cleanliness and overall property appearance • Basic knowledge of computers and software including ability to use e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheet software. Qualification • Holding a degree in tourism and hotel management or Bsc. HRM and other certificates. • Experience in the field with 3 years work experience. Skills • Leadership in skill of coaching and mentorship • Experience in managing inventory including audit, forecasting and

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