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Use of piezoelectric in communications Piezoelectric are materials that can generate electricity when they are subjected to mechanical stress, also can generate strain when subjected to electric field. These materials were first used in sonars in ultrasonic submarines. Now days these are being used in microphones, signal filters, and ultrasonic transducers. Piezoelectric materials have applications in various industries such as automobile, computers, medical, military and consumer industry. These are used in air bag sensors, airflow sensor, audible alarms, fuel atomizers, keyless door entry systems, seat belt buzzers, knock sensors in automobiles. They are also used in disk drives and inkjet printers. In consumer industry these are used in cigarette lighters, depth…show more content…
Use of such materials can solve a number of waste-management issues. Recycling is important action that needs to be taken to reduce these impacts. Recycling reduces oil usage, carbon dioxide emissions and amount of disposal wastes. Conventional way of reducing the impact is landfill. A well-managed landfill site limits the environmental harm, but has the long-term risk of soil and ground water contamination. A major drawback is that the resources used to produce these materials cannot be recovered. So in this method there is no cycling of material but the flow is linear. Another technique to reduce waste is incineration and energy recovery. This reduces the need of landfill of plastics waste, but this may release hazardous substance into atmosphere. Reducing the amount of plastic per item will help us to reduce waste volumes. Reuse of such materials will also help us to limit the use of these materials. In industries we can reuse containers and pallets, individually we should use reusable bags instead of single use plastic carrier

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