Discrimination Against Islamophobia

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Islamic terrorism, the overly highlighted headline of every newspaper article. It usually corrodes the meaning of Islam and spreads a fear of Muslims in communities, increasing Islamophobia. First and for most, Islam is the religion of peace and Muslim belief is based on tranquillity. Terrorism is not peaceful and framing Islam is just history repeating itself, remember the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), didn’t they misrepresent Christianity? Nevertheless, whether terrorism has a religion or not is definitely not what I am here to write about. Discrimination in any shape or form should not be tolerated, it must be annihilated. Islamophobia has severely increased discrimination in our world; likewise, biased views against not only Muslims but also non-Muslims…show more content…
Therefore, Islamophobia has reached a point where people start discriminating non-Muslims because they look like they are Muslim! Would you want injustice to be served to people because of their religion, race or ethnicity? Furthermore, recently, Islamophobia researchers interviewed non-Muslim, South Asian men with beards about their experiences of Islamophobia. Undoubtedly, one of them was being discriminated due to the barbarous impression of Muslims given to the world. When he told the man criticising him that he was not even Muslim, the attacker replied by saying, “You all look the same”. What an outrageously xenophobic comment! Muslims are from all around the world; it is impossible for all of them to look the same. Besides, if you haven’t noticed, the phrase he uses is exploited throughout history. This phrase is what separates humanity. Differentiating a specific group of people in a community firstly isolates them, makes them feel like an outcast to society and also makes it easier for people to discriminate against them. We do not want this happening in our world; our culturally diverse communities will no longer exist if Islamophobia wins everyone’s hearts. Not to mention the substantial impact this will have on

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