Travel And Tourism Case Study

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SUMMARY This study examines Guest Service introduced and how that can affect in selecting Hotels in the Downtown area. It is aimed at establishing criteria for excellent Service in Hotels, which can serve as the basis for building good relationships with Hotel Guests. An extensive literature study was undertaken and aspects that were discussed in the secondary research include the various components of customer service, as well as the marketing environment of Hotels in Egypt in General and Cairo in particularly. An empirical study was conducted to namely to investigate customer service in selected Hotels in Downtown Area, with the aim to establish criteria for excellent customer service as a benchmark for establishing relationships…show more content…
As well as its direct economic impact, the industry has significant indirect and induced impacts. But WTTC recognizes that Travel & Tourism's total contribution is much greater, and aims to capture its indirect and induced impacts through its annual research. DIRECT CONTRIBUTION The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP reflects the ‘internal’ spending on Travel & Tourism (total spending within a particular country on Travel & Tourism by residents and non-residents for business and leisure purposes) as well as government 'individual' spending - spending by government on Travel & Tourism services directly linked to visitors, such as cultural (eg museums) or recreational (eg national parks). The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP is calculated to be consistent with the output, as expressed in National Accounting, of tourism-characteristic sectors such as hotels, airlines, airports, travel agents and leisure and recreation services that deal directly with tourists. The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP is calculated from total internal spending by ‘netting out’ the purchases made by the different tourism…show more content…
The ‘indirect’ contribution includes the GDP and jobs supported by: Travel & Tourism investment spending – an important aspect of both current and future activity that includes investment activity such as the purchase of new aircraft and construction of new hotels; Government 'collective' spending, which helps Travel & Tourism activity in many different ways as it is made on behalf of the ‘community at large’ – eg tourism marketing and promotion, aviation, administration, security services, resort area security services, resort area sanitation services,

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