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Throughout the past decades, multiple movies and different forms of media have been created in order to portray different views of what the typical “college life” is like. Most movies only include a small portion that accurately depict what it is like to attend college. One notable movie is called National Lampoon’s Animal House. Recently an article was written by Krista Tucciarone that analyzes how the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House portrays the college lifestyle. The purpose of Tucciarone’s study was to “analyze how potential college-bound students and current college students make meaning about the higher education experience” (p. 1). In Tucciarone’s analysis Animal House, she states that movies about college emphasize more on students…show more content…
The counselor states “Hi there, welcome to Barden University! Here's your official BU rape whistle. Don't blow it unless it's actually happening!”. The opening scene unfolds the stereotype that campus rape is not a serious issue that ends in females falsely reporting rape or that females do not understand the difference between consensual and nonconsensual sex. This is only the beginning of the feminist struggle that the main character Beca faces as she begins her first year at…show more content…
They are all very aggressive and shown as a heartful team that are trying to overcome the stereotypes that come with being a female. The Bellas are only trying to conquer the task of beating the Troublemakers who do not respect them. At the national competition the girls perform a mashup of songs chosen by Beca, and incorporate all the different females in the group. The audience is so intrigued with the Bellas that they give them a standing ovation clapping as loud as ever. “College encourages movement toward increased competence and greater intellectual growth”, which is shown in this movie when the Bellas overcome obstacles that increase their ability to achieve the goals they are after which is to be the national champions (pg 5). As the competition comes to an end the two commentators have a conversion. The male commentator stays in a surprising voice “I would never expect it from an all-female group!” and the female responds, “Well, you are a misogynist at heart.”, only showing how the Bellas have truly overcome their struggles and unite with girl power. The Bellas gain their victory by combining the new and the old into something that stands for what they believe in which is individuality and empowerment. At the end the women have evolved as a whole group, they change their outfits and their music but they continue

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