Anton Chekhov's The Lady With A Dog

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In the story “The Lady with a Dog ”a forty-year-old man named Dmitri Gurov is fascinate by a young woman walking along the sea front of Yalta with her small Pomeranian dog. Because Dmitri dislike his wife that’s why he has affairs with other women. Although he treats them as an ordinary and unimportant woman and calls them "the lower race," he acknowledges that he feels more relieve in their company than in men's. One day, "the lady with the dog" sits next to Dmitri to eat in the public gardens. Dimitri pets her dog to start a conversation with her. He finds that her name is Anna Sergeyevna, she is married, and she has come to Yalta on vacation. Over the next week, Anna and Dmitri start meeting each other and gets closer. Dimitri starts taking…show more content…
Nevertheless, this does not happen, and soon he is surrounded with deep growing repugnance. As a result of this, Dmitri decides to visit Anna in her hometown. Somehow he finds her house and stays in front of the Von Diderits' house, hoping that Anna will come out and speak with him. When she does not come out, Dmitri decides to go to the theater that evening to see a production of the operetta "The Geisha," hoping that Anna will also be present at the event. He finally sees Anna in the audience watching the show with her fawning looking husband. When Von Diderits leaves the theater to smoke during the interval, Dmitri approaches Anna and confesses his love for her when they step out from the theater and meet on stairs secretly. The young woman tells Dmitri that she has missed him but also disappointed with him for coming to see her. Anna decides that she will visit Dmitri in Moscow, and Dimitri also agrees with her. Anna makes a reason to explain her husband that she has to see a gynecologist. The story concludes with a description of Anna's visits to Moscow and the unbearable strain she feels living this lie. Although Dmitri is perfectly happy with the way things have worked out, he does admit to feeling disconcerted about the implications of falling in love

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