Unethical Marketing Case Study

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Key issues and problem 1.1 Promotion issues in marketing Ethics have been around for ages become an important in our lives. Nowadays, every profession have it ‘s codes, marketers are no exception. Unethical marketing behaviour will lead company into legal troubles and dissemination of a bad reputation. Therefore, unethical marketing practices that we must always avoid when promoting our products or services to our customers. All Companies try to sell the products by telling the customers all about the benefits their products can offer but they never inform customers how to use those beauty and wellness products in order to get maximal results. The issue of marketing to women really brings that into focus. Whether the representations of beauty…show more content…
Unethical marketing can send wrong signals about your products and services. This is common in the weight loss industry, where marketers convince potential buyers that a particular product can help them shed so-and-so pounds within two weeks without exercise or dieting! This unethical marketing practice is rife in the natural remedies industry, where most manufacturers deceive potential buyers that their products have no side effects because they are “made from natural products”. But in reality, most of these products have been found to have side effects, especially when used over a long period. In fact, there’s no product without side effects—it’s just that the side effects might be unknown. It’s better to say, “There are no known side effects” than to say “there are no side…show more content…
Coupons, holiday sales events, mail-in rebates and giveaways all fall under the promotions category. Company give significant discount on a valuable product, but stocks only a small number of that item in stores. Customers are lured in by the great deal, only to discover that a completely different and often inferior product is being promoted instead. This is one of the concerns activities that appear ethical but are in fact illegal. For example, that you have certain amount of time to call if want to buy their products and after this product will not be available to you anymore.This tactic is not ethical because it pushes the customers to make a decision without according him or her the necessary to weigh the pro and cons of buying the said product. Thus, Rushes people into buying products they might not truly have wanted or needed is an unethical act in promoting issues. Hence, unethical marketing practice is quite

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