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”The more you like yourself the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique”(Walt Disney). Through all his failures and accomplishments, Walt Disney became the creative, imaginative man that he was. In the end his dreams came true. He became very successful. Walt Disney did not give up on his dreams even though most of his businesses failed . A childhood filled with imagination inspired one man to create iconic animated characters, stories that have been retold for generations, and a worldwide playground for kids. Walt Disney was born December 5,1901 in Hermosa, Chicago to his parents, Elias and Flora Disney (Jolley). He learned how to work by the age of nine years old (Jolley). One of his first jobs was delivering newspapers with…show more content…
Early on in his career, Disney was influenced by a few small jobs as well. At a young age, he began drawing, painting, and selling pictures to neighbors and friends(Walt Disney Biography ). He was influenced by his uncle, Mike Martin, who traveled as a train engineer(Walt Disney Biography ). Disney loved trains and worked a summer job with the railroad selling snacks and newspapers to travelers(Walt Disney Biography ). As he attended high school in Chicago, he took drawing and photography classes which influenced him to make cartoons for the school paper(Walt Disney Biography ). His brother Roy got him a job at Pesmen-Rubin art studio where he met Ub Iwerks( Walt Disney Biography). With the influence of Iwerks, he went on to make commercials based on cut out animations, experimented with cameras, doing hand-drawn cel animation, and decided to open his own animation business(Walt Disney Biography ). Walt Disney experimented and learned animation in Kansas City, Missouri (Cain). He made his first animated series and trained other artists here too His first actual job as an adult was for Pesmen-Rubin commercial art studio (Cain). Here he designed letterhead and advertisements (Cain). He eventually started his own business with his friend, Iwerks (Cain. Unfortunately their business only lasted one month (Cain). His next job was at the Kansas City Slide…show more content…
Walt Disney and his partner, Iwerks created the famous character Mickey Mouse (Christiansen). The first name Walt Disney had picked out for Mickey Mouse was Mortimer Mouse (Christiansen). His wife Lillian told him that the name Mortimer sounded to uptight, and eventually convinced him to change it to Mickey (Christiansen) . Mickey Mouse is still a favorite character to many adults and children today (Christiansen). Animated movies, books, and shows were made using the character Mickey Mouse (Christiansen). Walt Disney, up until the year 1946, was the voice of Mickey Mouse (Christiansen). Originally, Disney only played the voice to Mickey Mouse due to their lack budget, but it ended up being a good choice (Christiansen) .The first official appearance of Mickey Mouse was in a single test screening called Plane Crazy (Christiansen) . The second film he appeared on was called Gallopin’ Gaucho (Christiansen). Neither films caught enough attention to be sold to a distributor (Christiansen). Later on in his life, after he had made several films, Disney decided to start thinking about his theme parks. Disney’s character, Mickey Mouse, has become a well known symbol of fun, laughter and happiness for the American culture. His theme parks have provided many hours of fun entertainment and have influenced American families to spend quality time

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