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My career plan stances from the professional and academic experience I have and from the reality I have been living in Peru, where people are shocked when they hear that as a woman I studied civil engineering at university. Certainly, this shows the antiquated thought process in Peru’s culture, where civil engineering is not seen as a suitable career path for a woman. I must mention that my choice of major started way back at my uncle’s house, where I first saw a laboratory of geotechnical civil engineering. Its machines and the work done impressed me significantly. I really longed to understand what my uncle was doing, ranging from preparing the soil to testing and analyzing the results, which was an eye-opener that introduced me to the geotechnical…show more content…
Lima Peru, which has led me to the desire to pursue a Master Degree at Colorado School of…show more content…
As a freshman, I attended my first conferences and workshops, about the different fields of study within my major and other conferences about geotechnic related to use of testing, numerical modeling, seismic engineering and others. I knew right away that geotechnical was going to become another one of my passions, because it uses math and it is the basis of many fields of civil engineering. In those conferences, I saw the importance of geotechnic through different uses, and that it is involved in specialties available to different fields: mining, transportation routes, design of earth structures and constructive process. That is the reason I pushed myself, during my first college years, to learn more and expand my knowledge in the different uses of geotechnic along with my college courses (such as General Soil Mechanics, Geology, Soil Mechanics applied to Foundations and Transportation Routes, Rocks Mechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Soil Dynamic and others) and the guidance of my professors at UNI, especially professor Alva, an PhD geotechnical civil engineer. Furthermore, I belonged to Geogroup-UNI, Geotechnical Group of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the National University of Engineering. In Geogroup, I participated in the dissemination of geotechnical

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