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  • Unit 3: Sport And Exercise Psychology

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    Unit 3 – Sport & Exercise Psychology Motivation Motivation is basically the desire to fulfil a need which will help you achieve something. It is an internal mechanism which arouses and directs behaviour; therefore this link shows that motivation is a part of your personality. It is basically the direction and intensity of how an individual wants to succeed at something. It is also the actions we take to move towards a particular goal or ambition and how much effort we put in. A good example of motivation

  • Psychological Approaches: Biological, Behavioral And Psychoodynamic Psychology

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    Psychological Approaches Psychology was founded back in 1879. Psychology is the study of the brain and how it behaves. The psychological approaches that are focused on in this report are biological, behavioral and psychodynamic psychology. This report states what each approach is about, evidence behind it, examples and theories/ideas associated. This also has real-life examples of people's lives. Overall, this report will teach you what biological, behavioral and psychodynamic psychology are. Biological

  • Psychology Core Concepts Of Addiction By Sean Mullins

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    “Addiction” By: Sean Mullins “An addiction is a condition in which a person continues to use a drug despite its adverse effects – often despite repeated attempts to discontinue using the drug.” (Psychology Core Concepts) What is addiction, and how can we prevent it from happening to people? To answer this question this paper will address what an addiction is, what you can become addicted to, and how it happens. Also this paper will discuss the effects, both physical and psychological, along with

  • Personal Narrative: Why I Love Psychology

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    This myth reminds me of just one of the reasons why I love psychology; to better understand myself and people around me. This myth was all about how humans react to situations, and how our intuition often works against us. I felt like I could hear my mother in the back of my mind, telling me not to walk the trails around the lake at night because there wont be as many people. To stay away from abandoned areas of town and stay where it is busy. I feel like this is one myth that has been ingrained

  • The Importance Of Child Development In Psychology

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    Child development in psychology is a very vast and important field of study. It is studying how us as human beings come to be, from the moment of our conception through our early years onwards to becoming adolescents and eventually a complete adult with regards to social emotional, cognitive, personality and biological evolvement. This by itself should be an indication of how important it is to study child development. considering we all were children once, we all passed through relatively similar

  • Evolutionary Psychology: Evolution By Natural Selection

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    Evolutionary Psychology Evolutionary psychology is the psychological approach that emphasizes the significance of behavioral and mental adaptiveness based on the supposition that mental capabilities evolved over millions of years for particular adaptive aims (gerrig and zimbardo). Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection That is why; it is originated from evolutionary biology that underlies Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection can be defined as process

  • Psychology Theology And Spirituality In Christian Counseling Summary

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    Mark McMinn’s book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, attempts to bridge the gap between theology, spirituality and psychology in a counseling setting. “When it comes to religious values in the counseling office our clients are not alone, many counselors feel confused too” (p.4). Dr.Mark McMinn complies an exceptional resource for those who have elected the path of Christian counseling. The book focuses on largely two important aspects of the Christian counseling field:

  • Psychology: Agency Theory And The Authoritarian Personality

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    Psychology: assignment 25/09/15 week 3 "Agency Theory and the Authoritarian Personality are two theories of obedience. Outline and evaluate these two theories of obedience" (12 marks)" By Elijah Pak In 1974 Milgram created the agency theory. Milgram’s idea suggested that individuals have two states of behaviour: 1 - the autonomous state, where an individual believes that they are in control of their actions, therefore take responsibility for their actions; 2 - the agentic state, where an individual

  • Theoretical Framework: The Origin Humanistic Psychology

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    Theoretical framework The Origin Humanistic Psychology According Riveros Aedo (2014), from ancient Greece sophists were concerned about the nature of the human being, the most prominent of these was Socrates in Athens highlighting his maieutic method, which consisted of the dialogue teacher-student, to show that the knowledge is already in the individual, and only need to extract and orient. In the Middle Ages, such was the influence of religion, that interest in the human being remained isolated

  • Allegro Non Tropp Psychology Research Paper

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    Do you think a color can influence the way you feel about something? Many people think they do, and I am one of them. For example, the movies we watch use different colors depending on the plot. A terror movie uses a lot of blacks and reds to make people feel insecure and terrified. Even companies use colors on their logos to identify their product. I read that much of a color's effect may be due to meanings assigned to that color within a given culture, which can vary widely from one culture to