Unit 3: Sport And Exercise Psychology

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Unit 3 – Sport & Exercise Psychology Motivation Motivation is basically the desire to fulfil a need which will help you achieve something. It is an internal mechanism which arouses and directs behaviour; therefore this link shows that motivation is a part of your personality. It is basically the direction and intensity of how an individual wants to succeed at something. It is also the actions we take to move towards a particular goal or ambition and how much effort we put in. A good example of motivation is the footballer Ian Wright as he continued playing local football until he was 22 due the ambition he had to have a footballing career. There are two types of motivation; these are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic…show more content…
It involves actions that outside the laws of the game therefore not playing by the rules. This type of aggression should be eliminated from sport. A good example of hostile aggression is in football when Zinedine Zidane head butted Marco Materazzi in the France – Italy game. This type of aggression towards an opposition player was clearly with intent to harm and inflict injury therefore showing factors of hostile aggression, which is ultimately outside the laws of the game. It is referred to as ‘Hostile destructiveness’…show more content…
This theory proposes that individuals display aggressive behaviour due to innate characteristics combined with learning from others. Individuals become aggressive when their goal or intention is blocked by someone or something which ultimately leads to frustration. When individuals are prevented from achieving goals or intentions then their level of frustration will increase, which results in aggression. This build up of frustration can be decreased if it can be released somehow, possibly by retaliation, which results in the reduction of the need to show aggression. If an individual is able to release aggression then catharsis takes place, which is basically the cleansing and release of built up emotions. The only problem is if the individual in unable to release their aggression. The individual may then take this out on them self which could lead to more frustration and

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