The Importance Of Child Development In Psychology

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Child development in psychology is a very vast and important field of study. It is studying how us as human beings come to be, from the moment of our conception through our early years onwards to becoming adolescents and eventually a complete adult with regards to social emotional, cognitive, personality and biological evolvement. This by itself should be an indication of how important it is to study child development. considering we all were children once, we all passed through relatively similar biological and cognitive experiences, how is it that we come to be such unique individuals and how our early life experiences contribute to our personality evolvement. Firstly, by studying child psychology we can understand how…show more content…
we can differentiate a pattern in these changes, for example a child will fist sit, crawl then walk and eventually run. This is the case with most of child development areas. So, if a disruption in one of the steps is made then the whole later process of skill acquisition will be difficult to reach. This can be the cause of something minor or a case of some pervasive disorder like ADHD that shows early sighs of impulsivity that causes them to have problems in relationships or autism that shows signs of social deficits (Barlow and…show more content…
Children from the moment they are born they seek socialization and form attachment to their caregiver, the bond that is created from this is a powerful survival impulse that children have is said to be there to keep their caregivers close to them. attachment styles like secure attachment or insecure attachment is said to derived in a large part from the maternal sensitivity to what the child is doing (Myers, 2014). However, sensitivity although important can’t be considered the only or the most significant factor to secure attachment. Other factors like mutuality and synchrony are also important factors to secure attachment, as were stimulation, positive attitude, and emotional support (De Wolff and Van IJzendoorn, 1997). No matter what the factor is, what we need to take from this is that children need to form secure attachment to their caregivers so that they develop in a healthy way with as less problems as

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