Allegro Non Tropp Psychology Research Paper

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Do you think a color can influence the way you feel about something? Many people think they do, and I am one of them. For example, the movies we watch use different colors depending on the plot. A terror movie uses a lot of blacks and reds to make people feel insecure and terrified. Even companies use colors on their logos to identify their product. I read that much of a color's effect may be due to meanings assigned to that color within a given culture, which can vary widely from one culture to another (1). Also, many other things and experiences might influence the way you feel about a specific color, but how I felt while watching Bozzettos Allegro Non Tropp was something very unusual. Therefore, the progression of colors on Allegro…show more content…
No huge difference between one thing and another causing confusion and disturbance to me. I wanted to know exactly what I was seeing, and I could only realize small movements from one place to another. The more I saw the movements, the more I wanted to know what was next. I was intrigued about those small things moving around. Also, the black and white images make me feel that I was transported to the isolated past where no other colors existed beside black and white. The sense of loneliness was invading my mind. Bozzettos might have wanted the people to feel like that. In the past, all pictures were black and white. The black is usually a color of mystery and loneliness while the white gives a sense of purity and peace. Black and white together created balance and meaning to the plot of the movie. Nothing was around, so black and white was just perfect to depict the emptiness of the world at the time. This made sense when I realized that Bozzettos wanted to depict the beginning of evolution of the species where nothing else existed before…show more content…
At times, the colors confused me because they were too dark or too bright making it difficult to see what what was going on. This created misperception of things, and they did not make sense at times. I felt that the colors depicted different stages of time: spring, summer, fall or winter. They made me feel that I was at the specify time of the year. When I saw the white that depicted the snow, for example, I was feeling cold. By the very end, the mixture of colors made me feel that even when the human race was the “intelligent” one, we are going to end our own specie by the irrational and evil decisions we have

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