Self Leadership: Factors In The Self-Leadership Model

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1. Factors in the self-leadership model: - • Self-Dialogue = Self-dialogue as the name suggests, refers to the constant interaction between “myself” and helps to build self-consciousness. I do not have the habit of talking out loud but there is some self-generated dialogue-taking place in my mind. I take these dialogues quite seriously as it impacts the way I view myself. There are times when this self-dialogue has a negative effect in a way I do things as I force myself to believe that I am not good at it. Self-confidence is something I really have to work on. • Mental Imagery- It refers to visualizing and perceptually experiencing something, which is going on in the mind. It refers to those thoughts that become conscious. For me personally…show more content…
I am not a very confident person and tend to be very pessimistic when it comes to a lot of things. It is this pessimistic nature that curbs me from doing my work in the best manner. For ex; I have always feared of hiccups when I give a speech on stage, or even forgetting some lines that I have to…show more content…
Program Design: - I would like to create a large picture of what I want to achieve and then break them into smaller pieces so that I mentally feel it is achievable and I will be able to do it. Increase the difficulty level of the goal gradually. It is important to state every goal in a positive statement. I should be motivated to achieve it. I feel hand written goals stuck around my bed or in my desk will provoke me to work towards my goal. In this context I would like to focus on my career after Berklee and decide on what I want to do after I graduate. I would like to do the following activities to achieve my goals: - • I need to do some exercises that help to energize my brain, which will help me do my work in a desired manner. Yoga is an option, as it will help improve concentration. If I do this in the morning it will be beneficial for me for the whole day. • Set small goals in the beginning and increase the intensity gradually. For starters it could be sending emails to various companies and gathering information about internship opportunities available and then graduate to contacting people from those companies for

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