Media Violence

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  • How Does Social Media Influence Social Behavior

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    Mya Sheynicka Yanson ENG 27-NB The Influence of Social Media on the Behavioral Aspects of a Teenager Background and History of Social Media Social media has been a part of our lives since its debut in the 90’s and as people always wanted means of communication towards other individuals, it has become our new way of interacting with them. According to Bank 2014, Social media is more of a process which includes communication towards another individual wherein there is swapping, making and imparting

  • Objectivity In Journalism: What Is An Achievable Objectivity?

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    objectivity in journalistic activities belongs to one of the most urgent and controversial issues discussed by theoreticians. The question of impartiality in media is actualizing by unacceptable amount of propaganda and unprofessionalism in this sphere. In the modern age of explanatory and narrative journalism when the audience want to see media ‘with a human face’, the question under discussion is how objectivity and impartiality can still exist and do journalists still need it. In this study, there

  • Kemang Magazine Analysis

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    4.1.6. Profile of Living in Kemang Magazine Media produced internally by Synthesis Residence Kemang is very diverse, including project profile handbook, website Synthesis Residence Kemang, also in-house Living in Kemang magazine. In-house Living in Kemang magazine is one of the public relations communication media products or public relations. The role of Living in Kemang magazine is very strategic because it can be a medium of information and communication to the audience, strengthening relationships

  • Sanbook Quality Consultancy Case Study

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    1.1.1 OBJECTIVE To enable our clients to attain superior quality consultancy by achieving sustainable results. 1.1.2 VISION We will deliver value: -To customers by providing sustainable and quality consultancy. -To customers by providing auditing services to third party bodies. 1.1.3 HISTORY Sanbook Quality Consultancy (SQC) is a company established in Dubai (U.A.E) in the year 2005 under the leadership of Dr. Sunil Manjrekar. SQC’s main focus is

  • Characteristics Of Social Media

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    idealistic in using social media. Social Media can put each user’s minds in a greater advance. Every user has extended their capabilities in understanding and learning things their own way. Because of social media young people can be more creative in expressing themselves or how they deal with things in their social media account may either be through the pictures they share, the status they post or their daily blogs for example. Young people can learn anything in social media that can be very useful

  • Impact Of Globalization On Education

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    and timely survey of the zone. The contributors trace the enhancement of international communication while also offering new approaches to this complex and rapidly-growing field of media and communication studies. International Communication and Globalization is an important resource for all students of communication, media, and international relations. The first decade of the new millennium has been perhaps the most important period for mass communication in global world. The proliferation of television

  • Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

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    social media, it’s effects to children, it’s advantage and disadvantages, reasons why children nowadays overused this and how to reduce the risks of social media to children. Conceptual Literature Facts from books, journals, periodicals, online websites, magazines and unpublished materials were presented for the purpose of conferring relevant conceptual literature about Social Media. Social Media. From the word itself social means ‘relating to it’s society or its organization’ and media, ‘the plural

  • Gratification Theory

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    strong concern in how individual use the media. Researcher use U&G theory to explain the intention of folk religion that seeks for divine’s help. Instead of study how people use the media, U&G nowadays mainly sticks to the core postulate that “what people do with media” (Lull, 1995 as cited in Ruggiero, 2000; West & Turner, 2007, 2014). Scholar like Palmgreen (1984) has identified U&G theory into six main research scopes which are: (1) gratification and media consumptions; (2) social and psychological

  • Characteristics Of Guerrilla Marketing

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    strategies. The new tools of guerrilla marketing are through social media. Social media is a platform for marketers to market their products and create content and meaningful conversations online. This includes blogs, photo-sharing sites, video sharing sites, social network, audio podcasts and internet radio shows a wide selection of mobile social sharing and communications tool. THE TEN PERSONALITY TRAITS OF A GUERRILLA SOCIAL MEDIA

  • Corruption In Nigeria

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    The Media and War against Corruption in Nigeria Introduction The media and society are like the two sides of a coin mutual and inseparable, each determines the other in a peculiar way. The main functions of the media in society are for surveillance, correlation, transmission of culture information dissemination, management, instruction and mobilisation (Harold Lasswell1948; Wilbur Shcraumm 1964; Elizabeth Noelle Newman 1973; Dennis McQuail 2005.This means that the media should cover and report the