Sanbook Quality Consultancy Case Study

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1.1.1 OBJECTIVE To enable our clients to attain superior quality consultancy by achieving sustainable results. 1.1.2 VISION We will deliver value: -To customers by providing sustainable and quality consultancy. -To customers by providing auditing services to third party bodies. 1.1.3 HISTORY Sanbook Quality Consultancy (SQC) is a company established in Dubai (U.A.E) in the year 2005 under the leadership of Dr. Sunil Manjrekar. SQC’s main focus is on Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management System in a variety of fields, ranging from the oil and gas industry to the hospitality industry. 1.1.4 SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES SQC helps in producing quality management…show more content…
It also touches upon the newer form of technology – cloud computing, that is expected to be implemented in the near future. 1.2.2 LIMITATIONS The major limitation faced was the inability to collect any real time data on the history of storage devices used for the PS Station. Due to shortage of time, a few of the devices on the timeline had to be excluded. Only the devices and processes that made a huge impact or led to another invention that made a contribution to the technology that we use today have been included in this report. Due to the lack of continuous flow of connectivity which hurdled the process of acquiring information for the sole benefit of achieving progress for the company and the project. 1.2.3 METHODOLOGY The report was completed mainly by utilizing the SANBOOK server that provided me all the necessary connectivity and information for the report. For learning consultancy methodology, interviews were conducted with the staffs of the company to get personal opinions of how certain storage devices had made an impact on their lives. 1.3 REPORT…show more content…
The filaments utilized are typically common and are mostly cellulose dependant. The material that is extensively recognized is wood mash from pulpwood (to a great extent softwood) trees, for example, spruces, yet other vegetable fiber materials including cotton, cloth, and hemp might be utilized. The actual nomenclature of the word paper is said to have originated from antiquated Egyptian written work material called papyrus as we saw in the previous section. It was delivered as right on time as 3100 BC Egypt, and afterward in old Greece and Rome. Going more towards the northern region, material or vellum, made of prepared sheepskin or calfskin, supplanted papyrus. In China, archives were usually composed on bamboo, making them overwhelming and unbalanced to transport. Silk was infrequently utilized, yet was typically excessively costly, making it impossible to consider. The majority of the above materials were uncommon and

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