Rhetorical Techniques Used In Advertising

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For many decades, advertising has been one of the most successful ways that companies and manufacturers utilized to reach high economic profits. While there are many other ways to expose their products to the market, many enterprises try instead to compete their merchandises with other similar ones, which en result pushes the manufacturers to become more proficient at presenting their products to the public. Gatorade, a variety of colored drink fabricated by the Quarters oats, has known a huge success because of its flexibility to attract customers. Despite the numerous competitors that have nearly the same products in sale, it seems that Gatorade is always placed at the top of the graph of sales advance each year because of its talent to preserve awareness with potential buyers via advertisements. An examination of two advertisements of…show more content…
The rhetorical appeals used in the commercials seems having some psychological effects on the audience. For example, in the first advertisement the advertiser used pathos and ethos as his main convincing strategy. Ethos is revealed by the presence of the star football player Peyton Manning. As it is known, star player are trusted and appreciated by the public in general; therefore, the presence of Peyton manning enhance the credibility of Gatorade. An emotional appeal is also applied in this advertisement as a tactic to increase the attention of the public with a pleasant feeling. It is amusing to hear from a cashier that he cannot sell you something because you are not sweated. Seeing such a commercial will not only induce a laugh to the audience, but also it supports the idea that Gatorade is an energized product which everyone should drink. By analyzing this avertisement, we are able to see how the Gatorade’s marketing staff is aware about its audience and stay focus on its

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