Bottled Water In Elizabeth Royte's Bottlemania

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Bottlemania is a look into the bottling industry. Elizabeth Royte, who is an American nature writer, wrote Bottlemania. She tells the story of bottle water in a way that most don’t, it allows for a balance representation from health, environmental, and ethical standpoints. These all allow for an overall well rounded discussion of bottled water. Royte discusses bottle water, and tap water, from many different areas but her focus is on the small town of Fryeburg, Maine. This is the central area that all the questions are answered. Royte begins to explain why this $11 billion industry is so successful when we could all be drinking tap water for much less, she narrows it down to one thing: marketing. As Americans marketing very easily persuades us, so it’s no shock that water would allow for the same…show more content…
bottled water. Both have their positives and negatives, which gave for a good unbiased book. I don’t think there is a “convincing” argument towards either but more of an educating factor towards both forms of water distribution. With bottled water there is so much to be left to the unknown that it’s hard to say if it’s the better option. Bottled water is a privately owned issue that affects the public in a very public manor. Tap water is not quite perfect but in the end seems to be the better choice, according to Royte. I am still hesitant to agree with this due to all of the pollutants that are in our tap water. “People drink tap water that contains at least 10 different pollutants on the same day.”, says Royte. I also agree that if we, or the government, focused more on making out public water more safe that it would allow for the issues to be taken care of and not be shoved aside by bottled water. This would allow for us to invest in the current issues and better for the

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