Why Do Liberals Favor Affirmative Action?

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1. affirmative action I think a Liberal would favor affirmative action, because minorities were deprived of certain privileges in the past, we need to make up for that until everyone is treated equally. A conservative would most likely believe affirmative action is wrong, that society as a whole is not racist. I believe in affirmative action, although modern times are not as cruel as the past, there is still a large amount of discrimination in people’s daily lives. 2. gun control Liberals usually believe that more guns means more violence, therefore they would think there needs to be more gun control laws to prevent gun violence. They think the National Guard is the only one who should have a source of gun weaponry. Conservatives believe that…show more content…
The death penalty is inhumane and risks killing an innocent person. A Conservative would most likely favor the death penalty, their reasoning being executing a murderer for taking someone else’s life is the only punishment for that degree of crime. Personally, I am against the death penalty, I think anyone who has done something that horrifying should have to live the rest of their life out in prison. I think the death penalty if anything is a quick death for them, and they should have to suffer for their…show more content…
There are thousands of Americans that cannot afford healthcare and are then deprived of basic needs. Conservatives believe healthcare should be privatized, because there are different levels of quality in healthcare. Most conservatives think if healthcare is free or cheap then everyone will have low quality healthcare. Personally, I think healthcare should be government sponsored. Not everyone can afford to have privatized healthcare, and will then go without

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