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We hear of people moving mountains to achieve their goals, but that might not apply in Kansas. Whatever the prairie equivalent is, Amber Ostrom did it several times over in her fight to regain custody of her daughter, Georgia, for the past eighteen months. A chain of events anchored on both ends by laws that infringe on a person's natural right to grow, consume, and sell a non-toxic plant medicinal plant, Cannabis sativa, got the ball rolling. It began when the people of a Colorado town bucked the state trend and voted to eject all of the town's legal marijuana businesses, one of which was Amber's. Amber was not just a Cannabis business owner, she was a patient who used marijuana to prevent epileptic seizures with minimal side effects. With her business gone, she thought about Georgia's health as well as her own, and…show more content…
She worked long hours to earn what she needed to establish a home and make up for lost income and the expense of moving. It was good for her wallet, but she felt it was not good for her daughter. She arranged for her stepbrother and his wife to take Georgia into their Kansas home for one school semester, allowing her to work the hours required to get back on her feet. The arrangement started off well, but Amber's stepbrother didn't let it end well. When the semester was over and Amber was about to leave for Kansas to retrieve Georgia, she got a call from the sheriff in her brother's town, who told her Georgia was in state custody. Her brother had decided that because Amber used and sold Cannabis, she was an unfit mother, and started a legal process that resulted in the devastating phone call. Bobby Rodrigo, a journalist, radio host and SI adviser, wrote the story of how that happened, and what followed, with compassion and attention to the eye-opening [il]legal details. It's not a cautionary tale, because Amber did nothing illegal and nothing wrong. It's a nightmare come

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