The Pros And Cons Of Prison Reform

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Parenti explain the transition from prison reform movements in the 1970s to mass incarceration in the next decades the reason is because funding was mishandled and not used for helping the inmates for life after prisons things such as clinics, libraries, work-training programs, programs to prepare inmates for release. This method was little to none existent so prison became overflowed and the conditions inside the prisons were poor with which was mainly a problem for both north and south prisons parenti focuses on the major issue which is violence that created prisons to have a get-tough policy and the growth of government, gangs, and torture of inmates has changed the forms of this violence over the last decade and the economic collapse has put a spotlight on prisons. one major incident that caught everyone by surprise in 1979 was the Attica prison rebellion in NY where 1,300 convicts took over the prison in the yard and took hostages for for four days which had casualties this raised the question is prison doing their job and giving enough funding for the reforming inmates are just making them even angrier even more bitter and better

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