Mary Jane: Substance Use Disorders

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Mary Jane is a 28 year old Australian female who is a computer programmer that has a substance abuse problem for about 10 years. Research states that “The onset of cannabis use disorder can occur at any time during or following adolescence, but onset is most commonly during adolescence or young adulthood” (APA, 2013, p.513). She started smoking cannabis when she was a teenager and carried into college. Although, Mary Jane smokes a lot it has become a part of her daily routine. Due to the fact that she has been a long time user of smoking cannabis she has begun to feel anxious at times. She has described this anxious feeling as her heart beating faster than normal, and experiencing feelings of paranoia. She has a boyfriend name David and they…show more content…
She has picked up a habit of drinking alcohol to prevent the panic attacks she has from smoking too much cannabis. Research states that “Cannabis use disorder is commonly observed as the only substance use disorder experienced by the individual; however, it also frequently occurs concurrently with other types of substance use disorders (i.e., alcohol, cocaine, opioid)” (APA, 2013, p.511). She is drinking more alcohol and smoking less cannabis. It is very hard to get up in the morning and prepare herself for work due to having a hangover. Mary Jane boss has complained about her constantly late to work, and she is not doing very well with her…show more content…
Mary Jane begin to exhibit symptoms of withdrawal. Research states that “Common symptoms of withdrawal include irritability, anger or aggression, anxiety, depressed mood, restlessness, sleep difficulty, and decreased appetite or weight loss” (APA, 2013, p.511). She reported that she is experiencing panic attacks due to not smoking enough cannabis. Mary Jane and her counselor put together a plan to help her limit her usage to only sociable events and weekends. In the beginning of the week, she did not spoke at all due to the overtime she worked. The next night she went out with a friend from work, but when she came home she relapsed and smoked cannabis. The third night she saw boyfriend, they got into an argument, which led to her smoking all night long. It appears that Mary Jane also suffered from cannabis withdrawal (292.0) (F12.288) and exhibits symptoms from criteria A through C (APA, 2013). Criteria A exhibits that Mary Jane has used cannabis heavy and prolonged (i.e., usually daily or almost daily use over a period of at least a few months (APA, 2013). In Criteria B three or more of the symptoms developed within 1 week after criteria A. She is exhibiting irritability within the workplace, anxiety experienced when not smoking or not smoking enough, or difficulty sleeping (e.g., Insomnia, Disturbing Dreams). Also, in Criteria C she displayed

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