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  • Real Estate Management Assignment: Real Estate Management

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    Post Graduate Program in Management Real Estate Management 10TH DECEMBER 2015 TERM END ASSIGNMENT DLF TERM VI Course instructor: Prof. NAGESHWAR RAO Submitted by: Name Roll no. Image Ankit Jaiswal 2014PGP042 Anjalee 2014PGP040 Rama 2014PGP074 Sayan 2014PGP340 Suruchi Kartikey 2014PGP388 Table of Contents Introduction................................................................................................................................................................

  • Strategic Management Theory

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    the historical development, philosophical underpinnings, and present state of strategic management research. This will also demonstrate the broad assumptions and implications of several strategic management approaches. Researcher will discover the knowledge and understanding by familiarizing the rich, multi-disciplinary literature in periodicals, journals and research reports on the history of strategic management and its ongoing evolutions in organizations and system. Furthermore, this chapter will

  • Importance Of Water Management In River Management

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    jurisdictions responsible for water management in India. Decentralised water management system often generates conflicting objectives and lead to competing claims. Such competing claims often aggravate disputes, especially when management decisions are formulated without adequate involvement of the local communities and water users. The National Water Policy 2002 proposed the establishment of an appropriate river basin organisation to aid in the planning, development and management of river basins as a whole

  • My Experience In Classroom Management

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    n my current job setting as a substitute teacher, I have found my greatest weakness to be consistency with classroom management. Even as an experienced teacher who arrives early so that I can be prepared for the day, I sometimes find it difficult to step into a strange classroom, read over the plans, locate materials, familiarize myself with the management system currently in place (if it is provided), and attempt to enforce and carry on with a smooth and flawless day. It has been my experience that

  • Six Gurus Of Quality Management

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    Japanese quality revolution is greatly inspired by Juran and Deming engaged in the development of quality improvement tools. One of the very important continuous improvement tool used by several organizations throughout the world is TQM (Total Quality Management). TQM has a large success because of its aim on customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal. During the year 1990’s the business organization has the gateway to another quality improvement programmed called Six Sigma. Six Sigma bring attention by

  • Human Sigma In Business Management

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    2002; Hendry and Nonthaleerak, 2005), but not equal to Six Sigma can only be used in manufacturing industry, it can applied to the service sector has been in recent years, many banks, hotels, and even medical institutions to have introduced of this management system. It have five sequential of steps: Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control (DMAIC). To voice of the customer-oriented, identify core issues. Human Sigma provides a methods to pay attention to the relationship between customers and

  • Event Management: Breaking Down Event And Management

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    event management? Breaking down event and management, an event is an occasion that takes place in specific planned place at a certain time; and management is the procedures and strategies of conducting and organizing specific goals and objects. So event management as known is is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. Yet, my own definition of event management is

  • Participative Management Style

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    with the changes. One way to do this is by applying an alternative management style. Some widely practiced management styles include the autocratic style, the consultative form and the persuasive style. The participative management style, or democratic style, is less practiced as it frightens companies to give up control and as it is often perceived as utopian and naïve (Fisher, 2005). Previous research indicated that management styles have influence on the effectiveness and performance of the

  • Metrics In Project Management

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    different factors that cause the success or failure of projects. Their results present general guidance for project managers to make sure that their projects be successful. This study shows the importance of project management tools and techniques in the industry. It also shows how project management is important for a successful and quality software product. • J. Procaccino and J. Verner [22] examine the mindset of software development project managers with regard to how they define a successful project

  • Human Resources Management: The Concept Of Human Resource Management

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    RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 3.0 INTRODUCTION/IDENTIFICATION OF CONCEPT The most valuable and unique assets of an organisation is the Human resources. Human resources is an exciting, dynamic, and challenging task and this has increased because the world has become a global village and economics are in a state of flux. The growing expectations of a modern day worker and the scarcity of talented resources have further increased the complexity of the human resources function. The actual management of human resources