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  • ISO 13485 Quality Management System

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    ISO 13485 quality management system It is an International (ISO) standard for Quality management system (QMS) of medical devices. It is the world’s most popular medical devices standard designed specifically for medical device -manufacturers. This standard is derived from ISO 9000 quality management standard series. It is a standard developed for the Medical Device Industry. The ISO 13485 - standalone Standard, company can apply it without the support of any other quality system standard. Although

  • Stakeholders In Project Management

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    Introduction Currently, project management plays an important role in various business sectors. Industries have learned the importance of stakeholders based on the relevance of their stakeholders. Stakeholders are not only individuals from a group or any other non-governmental association. Stakeholders help the organization achieve their goals and provide support to their work in order to succeed. Stakeholders are individuals or members of an association that may be affected by products and services

  • Personal Finance: The Importance Of Money Management

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    you really need to learn every detail about financial activity tracking. It is certainly the key to successfully managing your personal finances. Here, we will describe the concept of personal finances, as well as present the importance of money management. We will then describe the process of tracking your expenses and then discuss the advantages that you gain out of this exercise. What is Personal Finance? The term personal finance refers to the application of financial principles on the monetary

  • Importance Of Investment Management

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    investment management measures and the rules for the meeting of the investment committee. The provisions of the investment management company: the highest decision-making body is the investment committee, the highest decision-making on investment matters, responsible for the company's investment plans, investment strategy, investment principles, investment objectives, asset allocation and investment access, investment details specific by the investment manager master. The investment management department

  • Deming Total Quality Management Analysis

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    American statistician W Edwards Deming has been recognized as for setting the foundation for Total Quality Management. The need to understand the vital role of quality management, serves as an integral part in the provided teachings of Deming. The concept of quality can be identified as the core of effective management techniques, serving as a success for various companies. To begin with the first of Deming’s 14 points: 1) Create constancy of purpose for improvement of product and service: For

  • Importance Of Management Accounting

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    Management accounting is the “term used to describe the accounting methods and information which complies with special knowledge and ability, assist management in its task of maximizing losses. Shilling (1982) also asserted that “accounting which serves management by providing information to the cost or profit associated with some portion of firm total operation is called management accounting. Management Accounting Team of Anglo-American Council on Productivity in its report (1980) described management

  • Importance Of Strategic Management

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    and I about your company and which type of strategic management implemented by your organization, we noticed the absence of strategic management within it. Since that strategic management is essential to the growth and the organization of the company, we would like to highlight the benefits of implementing strategic management. Before we start, we are sure that you will ask your self a couple of questions, why I need to do strategic management? What is the added value for my company since I’m already

  • The Importance Of Quality Management

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    that the organisation understands how important it is to maintain its reputation though daily customer contact can be draining at times and that expectations and demands are always on the rise. In this organisation, the management offers a wide range of educational programmes for employees to set their own goals and climb up the career ladder internally to enhance your customer service skills. Staffs are usually given the priority to apply a position that is opened for hiring. Even during downturn

  • Performance Management In Ethiopia

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    During the process of implementation major problems such as a failure to link individual performance management with institutional strategy and performance, non participatory approach in the development process of the system, taking job descriptions as the basis of performance evaluation, exclusion of cost as performance measurement etc. were observed. Then

  • Ryanair Management Functions

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    These managers are responsible for production of good and services and supervision of clerical staff and flight staff. Front line managers aim to optimise physical, human, informational and financial resource utilisation. They do through ‘’careful management of employees, technology, raw materials and money in order to increase productivity’’. (UK Essays, 2017) Ryanair aims to improve their punctuality, last year 88% of their flights arrived on time, which makes them number one in Europe. To reach this