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Book Review of “Time Management for Teachers” by Ian Nelson Design &Format: Time Management for Teachers by Ian Nelson was published in 1995 by Routledge publishers. It is a very handy book for teachers and administrators. It describes in a very precise manner that increased administrative duties, tests, exams, marking, etc. have brought teachers under great pressure. Therefore, in a limited time a teacher is supposed to do a lot of tasks. For this purpose, the teacher must know how to manage his/her time in order to perform his/her duties effectively. Ian Nelson, in this book, guides teachers towards time management and provides practical ideas for successful time management. Contents: Why Time Management for Teachers: This book consists…show more content…
Ian Nelson says that teachers of present times are under great stress. They have to perform a lot of activities i.e. teaching five hours or so each day, preparing the work, marking the papers, keeping the records of students up to date, etc. Due to poor time management, the teachers are unable to maintain their timetable. It has been noticed that poor time management of the teachers not only creates problems for the teachers themselves but it also wastes a lot of money of the school. Therefore, proper time management is essential for teachers. The more effectively teachers use their time, the better results they may achieve. Further, the writer mentions primary teachers. To him, primary teachers have to take many extra responsibilities along with teaching. He suggests that those teachers should know the art of time management if they wish to be good teachers. The next section of present chapter mentions the…show more content…
Nelson here tells us that most of the people do different jobs in order to meet their extra expenditures. They may save money to buy a new car, house, etc. But time cannot be saved in the same way as the people save money. As there is famous English saying: “Time once gone cannot be recalled.” People often face problems of time management when they have to do overwork. The writer gives us three useful tips in order to save our time. He suggests that the teachers should prepare lists of different tasks and activities which they accomplish during a day or within a week. They may take help from their partners to make such lists. After preparing these lists, they will be able to know which of these activities are useful or otherwise. Having done these simple self-perception exercises, teachers will get some idea how they spend a day or a week. The next step after this analysis is to prepare time-log which will surely help in saving time. One can make a time log for a full day or a lesson plan. Time-log includes start of the day or a lesson, intervals, meetings, answer question session, lunch break, tea break, etc. To the writer, time-log will always benefit the teacher in many ways. For example staff will be able to monitor each other’s use of time, get direct feedback from pupils,

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