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HMS-201 –Case Management and Substance Abuse Sam Wilkins Luzerne County Community College Abstract Presents a study which described a case-management model for individuals with substance abuse and mental health disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system in the United States (Godley, S. H., & Finch, M. (2000). Case management and Social work has a very strong foundation and has an effective helping strategy that when it is used properly it can build on the clients success and the strengths perspective is based on the sole belief that an individual possesses abilities and an inner resource that will allow them to cope effectively with the challenges that lie ahead with everyday living (Brun, C., & Rapp, R. C. (2001).…show more content…
Case managers can advocate for their clients in order to connect them to social services. Based on the evaluations from the case managers for the homeless and substance abusing people is very scarce. In this study all homeless mothers services and their outcomes were based on 6 month and it specifically focused on substance abuse, housing, and mental health functioning and they were the primary focus while employment, child internal and external problems, and interpersonal stress were the second problem presented. It was expected to show reduction in problems and improved functioning at a 6 month baseline and this was supposed to be a normal expectation (Slesnick, N., & Erdem, G.…show more content…
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