Sr Model Of Moral Management

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Moral Management In multi-stage process, the first stage of ethical decision making is moral awareness (Jstor lec4). SMRT top management have recognition of moral awareness, they aware what is ethical and unethical. There are 3 models of management morality. SMRT is considered moral and amoral management. Moral management in SMRT. SMRT has been providing transportation services to all the citizen or traveller since 1987 in Singapore. SMRT ensure that all their customers are safe all the time while travelling with SMRT. Ethical leadership is a characteristic of moral managers in SMRT. Moral managers will also aim to succeed and the strategy of moral management is pursuing financial opportunities but at the same time managers must not neglect…show more content…
Rewards or pay must be equitable distributed base on performance. SMRT engineering team worked overnight to clear the water from the flooded MRT tunnels and to ensure the train will be able to resume to normal operation as fast as possible (NewsAsia). SMRT engineering team shall be rewarded for the hard work that they have contributed. Psychological Theories SMRT leader with high locus of control tend to be egoism. In addition, subordinates with high external locus of control tend to follow the authority of top management blindly. The reason is because it is so hard for a subordinates to “say no” to their bosses in working environment (Jstor Lec4). Therefore, it causes this incident. According to stage 1 in Kohlberg’s model, people will tend to learn and do what is good for them. They know there is no benefit for them to be opposed to their bosses. Ethical…show more content…
Ethical culture of an organization teaches their staff to do the right things. A culture of ethics of an organization starts with their corporate leaders. Top level management must be clear about the ethics and behavior conduct in all that they do. Words that said by them must match their action in order to reduce or eliminate dissonance. The organizational’s ethical culture relies upon internal communications, for example, meeting, informing, training and different occasions. Working up the control environment from a moral point of view with resulted in a strong set of internal control. Good ethics will lead to a good business. Every company ought to have a good culture of ethics. Every company has a different culture of ethics. Some of them emphasize a wrong direction, they pay attention to company profit and company performance over ethics. Majority of the companies have place profit in front of every single other thought and hence forgot about ethics. It will cause irreparable harm to themselves and their customers. Organisation culture is the blood of the company. The leader is the key factors that will creates the organisational culture and company environment. Organisational culture will affect people in organisations. Unethical behaviour of SMRT leader bad apple will affect the whole working environment into “bad barrels”. Leadership

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