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Introduction Apart from the five basic functions of management, there is another crucial function for the success of any organisation. Coordination can be understood to be the essence of management. It is the synchronisation of efforts of various business elements or functions to harmoniously achieve the organisational goals. Any business has five main functions apart from the coordination function. Two major functions are the Operations Management function and the Marketing Function. Role of Marketing Function and the Operations Management Function The above functions are two major functions of any business. The Operations Management function of the business is concerned with management of the process of creating goods or services for the…show more content…
The present section discusses the importance of coordination between the two departments. As discussed in the above section, the Marketing function is concerned with creation of demand and the Operations Management supplies the product to satisfy the demand so created. Therefore, to attain a balance between the demand and supply functions, coordinating the activities of the two functions is of utmost importance (Cachon and Terwiesch, 2009). Ho and Tang (2009) illustrate in their research how it is important to deliver to customers what has been promised. They explain that the any delivery commitment must be made after taking into account the sensitivity of customers to such expectations (Ho and Tang, 2009). Balasubramaniam and Bhardwaj (2004) also explain that the firms with coordinated Marketing and Operations Management functions hold competitive advantage over the organisations that lack coordination between the two departments (Balasubramanian and Bhardwaj, 2004). Therefore the empirical studies show that coordination between the two said functions leads to an overall better performance of an…show more content…
Coordination among teams or functions rather than pushing individual agenda, also creates the feeling of working towards a common goal and therefore ingrains a feeling of belongingness in the employees. Conclusion It has been established through the above discussion that the two functions are very intimately related to each other. The two departments or functions working in harmony reap long terms benefits for the organisations. Therefore the delivery commitments of the marketing department should be matched by and be in sync with the production of Operations Management function. A lack of coordination leads to consequences in terms of customer dissatisfaction, loss of morale of the lagging department/ function, subpar quality of products and so on. On the other hand, coordination between the two departments translates to optimal production, customer satisfaction, and gaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, the organisations must focus on the Coordination function in addition to the basic business functions. The organisations are bound to perform better when all their elements work together in perfect

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