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Softball is a very unique sport that’s similar sport to baseball. Softball first originated in North America in 1894. There are two types of softball, fast pitch and slow pitch. Men usually play the slow pitch and the girls play the fast pitch softball. A softball measures between 11-12 inches and weighs between 6-7 ounces. A common distance from home plate to the outfield fence in softball is between 225 to 250 feet. The base paths are 55 feet apart and from the pitcher’s mound to home is 35 feet. A softball pitcher must do a wind-up pitch in order to play the game, not by the shoulder or it would be an illegal pitch. Despite the name, the ball used in softball is not very soft. Softball inspired many people and is really popular today around the world. Softball has two meanings to it. The word “soft” (adj) was originated from Germany. It was first softe then went to soffte, zoffte, safte, saft then finally stayed as soft. “The word soft meant in a quiet or peaceful state”. (OED) “It’s a comfortable or easy…show more content…
The word softball used to be a soft globule of sugar formed. It was testing the mass of sugar being boiled has reached a certain stage. “In 1894, E. Skuse Compl Confectioner made the term softball, he said it was the cocoanut slices and allow the whole to boil, for say ten minutes, or until the sugar comes to a soft-ball. In 1907, J. Kirkland Mod. Baker said the term for softball was, a full-feather degree testing a small bulb of sugar between the fingers while cooling in cold water. After a couple years it was 1921, M. L. Matthews Foods & Cookery Panocha started to mix sugar, milk, and salt then boil until it reaches the ‘soft-ball’ stage. Finally, they were at the last stage in 1980, T. Stobart Cook's made the sugar clinging to the skimmer then it shoke and produce a feathery downy effect. The syrup started to begin to thicken, and will form a soft-ball and dropped into cold water.

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