Informative Essay On Gymnastics

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It starts with a dream. Your imaginations runs free with thoughts until it becomes focused with one. Clammy palms, chalk-filled feet. Tight muscles that sure can't be beat. A bun clenching your hair back, while time is beginning to lack. An apparatus lies ahead, what's coming next could make you drop dead. But this is your home, where you meant to be. This is why you joined, the gymnastics team. Competitive Gymnastics. A sport like no other. Four events; beam, vault, floor, and uneven bars. To some this is inhumane, but to us gymnast, it's a way to escape. Gymnastics has the power to let you feel this sense that nothing can bring you down, which makes it one of the best sports. Gymnastics is amazing sport for young children to join because it teach determination,…show more content…
Despite the fact that school should be our first place to learn determination and confidence, I personally learned these characteristics when joining a gymnastics team. The first day I started gymnastics changed my life. I was 12 years old and extremely eager to do any and everything. Since I was a young girl I always wanted to be on a gymnastics team, but no ordinary gymnastics team, I wanted to be on the U.S.A Olympic gymnastics team. My mother on the hand noticed it was immensely expensive and took a lot of time out of the day. To be fair my mom came up with a plan to put me in one hour classes so i could have a slight gymnastics experience. Soon after I became disinterested of one hour classes because I was exceeding quickly. Passing mini levels in a matter of months, there was no other choice but to put me on a pre team known as JOGA. I was finally comfortable because I was faced with challenging skills that i had not learned yet. My first meet eventually came around and I was petrified. I had never competed against

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