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Native American Unit Informative Essay A The coexistence of humans with other living things is an understanding that is carried by Native Americans. The native people hold on to the belief that they coincide with all living things as well as natural occurrences. These concepts can be seen throughout many pieces of Native literature, showing their significance. The concept that humans exist in a community with all living things is one reiterated in Native American literature to show how much Indians cherished the earth and all of its inhabitants. In Chief Seattle’s Letter to All, the chief of the Seattle Indians writes a letter to the President of the United States, responding to the President’s wish to purchase the Indian land. Chief Seattle…show more content…
In the story, William travels across the country to acquire more knowledge about America by visiting small towns and talking to the local people. During William’s excursion, he meets an Indian college student named Kendrick Fitz, who explains his Hopi background and explains the beliefs of his people. As the student explains Hopi prayers, he reflects, “We don’t just pray for ourselves, we pray for all things,” (Heat-Moon, William Least). The Hopi prayed for things such as rain and crops, which would benefit not only themselves, but their surrounding environment. Rain and crops would sustain Indian villages, which was valued and cherished to a great extent because it was a part of the Indian community. William asks how it is possible for the Hopi to shoot a bird if they believed in the union of life, and in response, Fritz says, “‘A Hopi hunter asks the animal to forgive him for killing it. Only life can feed life,’” (Heat-Moon, William Least). It is rare to find people in modern society apologizing to animals they have intentionally harmed, however, Hopi hunters ask for forgiveness in respect to the animal. By seeking forgiveness, the Indians show that they respect all living things; they do not justify their killings by saying that the animal was an inferior creature, but can find it in their values to apologize. Kendrick also

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