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ABSTRACT Android is the most famous Operating system used in mobiles, tablets, laptops, and also available now in wrist watches. It was created by Google and is based on LINUX kernel. Android is the most widely used OS by cell phone companies so, you can easily buy a cheap phone having android OS. It has the largest App Store containing almost 2.2 Million apps that are free to download and use. The latest API that comes in cell phones is Android 7.1 Nougat. Security is the key thing for any Institution or Organization which cannot be compromised on any cost. As we see the present situation of Pakistan, we are dealing with the threat of terrorism in whole country. And most of the terrorist attacks were on our Educational institutions. So I choose to avail this technology to make an app which will help in our institution’s…show more content…
Smart phones are not bounded to communication only but can entertain us now in many ways. We can watch live transmissions of programs, sports and many other things. Android is playing a vital role in smart phone’s technology and is becoming the most famous smartphone OS. The major reason for its popularity is that it is an open source just like the LINUX OS and is also based on LINUX Kernel. So because it is open source and its development tools are free so, anyone can learn and develop apps in android. Its tutorials are widely available on YouTube and other sites. The main advantage of android over other operating systems is that we can easily transfer our data in between computer and smartphone without installing any heavy software like iTunes which is used to transfer files from iPhone to computer. Secondly there is also a great demand of android developers in the Information Technology market due to the increase in the demand of users for innovative and extravagant apps. This made a great opportunity of jobs for android

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