Informative Essay: The Amish

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JOY: Jesus is first, You are last, and Others are in between. This is an acronym that an Amish child might learn in school (Williams 30). While it may not be a philosophy widely accepted in today’s society, the Amish do not try to fit in with popular opinion. In fact, they reject it. The Amish are Anabaptists who practice seclusion from the outside world. Through their history, beliefs, and lifestyle, the Amish have created and maintained a successful culture separate from that of mainstream America. In the early 16th century, the Amish spawned from a group of Protestants in Switzerland called Anabaptists (“Amish Church”). The name comes from their practice of adult baptisms. It is derived from the Latin term, anabaptismus, which means “baptize…show more content…
They are usually born at home with the help of a midwife and not disciplined until reaching two years of age (Williams30). Amish children help their parents with house and farm work and attend school until the eighth grade. The school is typically a small Amish school within the community. The Supreme Court decided in Wisconsin V. Yoder that compulsory education past the eighth grade violated the first and fourteenth amendments. The Amish believe higher education endangers their children's salvation by exposing them to worldly influence. Instead, they prepare their children for their roles in the community through practical experience. Dr. Donald A. Erickson, an expert on education described this system as “ideal”…show more content…
They have tried to maintain 17th century agricultural practices such as using horse drawn equipment ("Amish Church"). Due to the growth of large factory farms and rising land process, these practices have become more difficult (Cross). A larger portion of the Amish have turned to creating businesses instead of farming. This has also encouraged communities to accept more technology (Brady). Because the Amish are entrepreneurs and buy local goods, they are beneficial to rural communities. In addition, there is very little unemployment among the Amish and they rarely accept government aid ( "Amish

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