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During my interview, my interviewee could not recollect specific companies in the time, so I decided to do some further research on this time. I found the company Magnavox, which happens to be around to this day. Magnavox is an electronics company that is owned today by Philips that was founded in the United States. Magnavox produces a variety of technology devices. They created the world’s first home video game console. Magnavox has a variety of hardware and software, important people and positions, important social, political and governmental factors, and various end users that have benefitted from this company. Magnavox was founded in 1917. Shortly after its first launch, it became a major consumer electronics and defense company. There…show more content…
Magnavox developed the first gaming console, the Odyssey. Ralph Baer is the inventor. He is one of the most important figures in game console history. His invention was originally called The Brown Box, but it was later licensed under Magnavox and named the Odyssey (Liam 1). One of the most influential people to ever be involved with Magnavox was Peter L. Jensen. He founded the Commercial Wireless and Development Co. This was later renamed Magnavox after he teamed up with Edwin S. Pridham and Richard O’Conner in 1911. He was chief engineer until 1925. He built the first moving coil loudspeaker in 1915 with assistance of Edwin S. Pridham. He built the first contained and complete electric producing phonograph. This was later patented. In 1917, he invented and also produced the first anti-noise self-neutralizing microphone. It later became the lip microphone that was used throughout multiple wars such as the First and Second World Wars. Jenson later resigned from the company and founded the Jensen Radio Manufacturing Company in 1926. All of his creations however, made an outstanding impact for the company of Magnavox (Wikipedia 1). This company was later bought out by Philips but is still known as Magnavox

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