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  • Personal Reflective Analysis

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    To be able to advance as a writer, constructive criticism is an essential tool. My personal reflection paper received a lot of positive feedback; however, it also received feedback that lets me know what I vigorously need to work on. I also realized that I have grown, even just slightly, from the first preliminary paper in which I first evaluated myself. From reviewing my critiqued reflection paper, the weaknesses and strengths I possess have been more accentuated for me to evaluate and revise more

  • Writing An Argumentative Paper

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    To successfully write an argumentative paper the author must choose a topic they are passionate about, and then write evidence that convinces the reader to side with them, lastly restate why their issue is important. When writing an argumentative paper one must feel strongly for their topic, or the paper will be boring and hard to write. There are many steps into writing an argumentative paper to ensure the reader understands the writers point of view. In an argumentative paper, there are four sections

  • Golden Age Of Magic

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    In the visual essay “now you see it” the author informs the reader about the golden age of magic and its impact of spiritualism during that time period. As well as talk about which great magician were for being known as other worldly beings and which ones were not. This visual essay is effective because it appeals to the readers emotions as well as inform them. The color scheme works for these images because they complement each other. There are a lot of cool colors to match with the warms, which

  • Homeschool Co-Op Reflection

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    At the age of fourteen, I attended a classical homeschool co-op. The end of year writing project was to be an anthology of short stories written by us students-and I had labored over mine for two months. The problem was, the ideas and arguments I wanted to present in my story were far too large to be covered adequately in the 3-4 page limit; in fact, the Sunday before the Monday it was due, I had only managed to shorten it to twelve pages. I was panicking and trying to think of what in the world

  • A Well-Written Argument Analysis

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    well written argumentative essay will potentially inspire people and more importantly, it will be a paper that will make a difference. Argumentative essays are not simple to write, nor do many individuals have the knack for writing one. The writer of a successful argumentative essay needs to include: an intro (something that will grab your reader’s attention), develop the argument with factual information, refute the rival’s arguments, and a conclusion. Introducing your essay is arguably the most crucial

  • J. D. Salinger's Teddy

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    The short story Teddy, by J.D. Salinger, is a story about a ten-year-old boy named Teddy who is extremely matured for his age. The story begins on a cruise ship with Teddy’s mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. McArdle, along with his sister who they call Booper. This short story explains how Teddy sees life and how he lives it. In the following paragraphs I will write about the characters, setting, theme, point of view, and symbolism. The short story, Teddy, consists of five important characters, Mr

  • Of Cannibals By Montaigne

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    happens to come across this paper in the future. I believe that Michel de Montaigne possessed attributes of which great anthropologists today would be envious. Montaigne not only realizes that bias due to ones’ own culture exists, he writes an entire essay, much like an ethnography, in which he discusses the customs and culture of the Brazilian natives discussed in “Of Cannibals” in comparison to the beliefs and customs of his own culture. De Montaigne was clearly a curious and intelligent man, and these

  • Similarities Between Equilibrium And Animal Farm

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    The Purpose of my essay is to describe at least one important theme within the text. In this essay I will compare Wimmer’s movie, Equilibrium, with Orwell’s production of Animal Farm. I will find similarities and themes within the texts, then give examples from within the texts to show the themes. Equilibrium is a movie written by Kurt Wimmer, an American born Producer and Director. Wimmer wrote the script for, and directed the movie Equilibrium. Equilibrium is a movie based in the future, just after

  • Donald Murray The Maker's Eye Summary

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    Critical Summary: “The Makers Eye’s” In this short story, the author Donald M. Murray gives a synopsis on how to write drafts successfully and also how driven writers should and shouldn’t feel about their writings. Murray explains to readers on what to look for when writing a draft. In drafts, writers have to be able to provide information so that it is readable for readers. Writers have to have specific information so that readers can get carried to the meaning. The audience has to anticipate

  • Comparing Gwendolyn Brooks And Joseph Langland's Poems

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    The following essay will be analysis with the use of themes and symbolisms from both works of Gwendolyn Brooks and Joseph Langland’s poems. The overall process of this essay will just present the development of me trying to compare the works of Gwendolyn Brooks and Joseph Langland step by step. I’m going to provide the title of the poem and a short analysis on what the poem means, plus opinions that I have for that poem. Also that most of these poems that I’m going to analyze are not always going