Jay Holmquist's An Experience With Acronyms

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Essays can be used to discover rather than to prove or persuade. While this may not be the standard academic paper, it can be useful when conducting research. Not every paper may thought with a developed thesis but come to a realization of a thesis after conducting necessary research. Jay Holmquist’s essay “An Experience with Acronyms” approaches his topic with a narrative interest that leads to a question to start his exploration. This implemented his process of discovery going from his story to researching the questions he had about his story. I would see this discovery essay similar to an informative essay. Even though it may not have an exact purpose, the ideas presented are similar to those that would be found in a research essay and both…show more content…
Because it reads like a story, the reader wants to know what happens next and keep reading. Although there is not a thesis until the end of the paper, there is somewhat of an argument presented in the fact that he discusses his friends differing opinions on “safe drugs.” Holmsted’s curiosity of this topic leads to his research. Instead of the author taking a side, he successfully explains the facts and answering his own questions such as “Why people even do drugs? and what effects does it have on the body. He successfully answers these questions with providing credibly evidence with many scholarly sources. Even if the sources did not know give him the answers, he addresses the facts available to answer his questions accurately. After both research and self reflection, Holmsted states that on the and explores drugs themselves without stating his stance until making his decision in concluding “I have my whole life ahead of me still and I don’t want to end up as another statistic or have one of my friends write a paper like this because of me.” He rules that drugs have too many risk to have a part in his life no matter how intense the

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